they don't always tell the truth

from by Adam Basanta



While sifting through rejected material's for a previous composition, i encountered this sample taken from a Katherine Hepburn biography. Accidentally looping the sample, i was struck by the musicality of her voice as well as the emerging swell of strings from the movie's soundtrack. Through the continuous looping, I find that the line between a highly charged semantic meaning and an abstract musical gesture are blurred - attention is payed to how, instead of what, is being said.

While reworking the piece, I wanted to add another layer of cognitive dissonance to the already delicious irony found in the original Hepburn sample. by compositing a "sincere" male monologoue (using materials from soap operas) over top the looped material.

Occasionally, I don't tell truth, and I make things up. You are looking at a very happy man.


from sounds from the other room, released August 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Adam Basanta Vancouver, British Columbia

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